Wocket "kit" of wearable sensors for deployment in large-scale physical activity studies Rapid design, prototyping, and testing is used in many projects Wocket sensors prior to adding enclosure Consumer electronics and mobile interfaces for motivating healthy behavior (e.g., less screen time) Mobile persuasive applications using advanced phone sensing capabilities and real-time feedback Annotated data from everyday life using the Wockets system BoxLab data collection system

Ubiquitous sensing

Imagine that your phone and home can use non-obtrusive sensing and statistical pattern recognition to infer just a bit about what you are doing, as you are doing it. How might that transform healthcare as we know it, and how do we develop algorithms that work 24/7/365?

Persuasive technology

Suppose we combine the new ability of computers to detect behavior and context in real-time with our best knowledge of human behavior change and decision-making. Can we develop powerful new theories and technologies to support just-in-time health-related behavior change systems?

Personal health informatics

Soon our our homes and phones will help us to gather information on our health and health-related behaviors. How can new user-interfaces be built that provide person-facing personalized health systems that help individuals stay healthy and happy throughout their life?